Monday, January 25, 2010


How long has it been since I posted?! haha who knows, huh? Nothing truly new with me... I was in a horse show riding a new horse named Charlotte. She's a sweet-brat. Char kicked my trainer in the thigh. OW!

As for school:
Excelling in Intro to Lit
Excellng in Anatomy and Physiology
Stinking terribily in IEW B
Struggling in Physical Science
Struggling in Pre-Algrbra (but slowly learning! yay!)

Remember, no such thing as a bad student- only a bad teacher!

As for more random news I just feel like posing for no reason at all:

(1) I'm saving up for an Ipod Touch (with money from my new job! yippee!), 'cause my old Ipod is trash

(2) I am feverently begging my parents to allow me to have a facebook


Well, thats all. Laters!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

(no subject)

hey. Summer camp was awesome, and my horse show I got 5th place in one event and didn't place in the other. I'm too tired to elaborate much... I'll type more l8r.

I just had an amazingly good milkshake from Sonic. Yummy. I really have nothing else to say...

Oh yeah I got a twitter account. It's private so if you wanna see it email me. and if I dont know you and you email me... that'll be creepy. Lol.


Monday, June 15, 2009


Sunday, June 14, 2009

more WOWZA

I'm so tired. My neighbors played with me from noon till... well till now, practically. And from 8:00 am until noon, I was cleaning the basement and my drawers in my bathroom. h8 to say it, but my drawers took longer... =O =S
I don't know what it is, but I'm getting restless. Like I need a big change, or some big change is coming. I'm heartbroken and happy at that thought... It's hard to explain exactly how I feel. Happy I guess at the thought of something new and exciting, but also sad because that something means I'll lose something I have now. It's hard to explain... a premonition, you could say I guess.

Well, I have to go. I'll sleep like a rock tonight, guarenteed. Buh bye, blogger readers.


How the HECK do people keep up with blogs?! I haven't posted in mine in like 6 months! Gosh... Well, here goes something.

Everyone who comes here knows I ride horses, right? Well if you don't then GET THE HECK OFF ME BLOG! lol jk but really. Horses are my body, mind and soul. I don't know where I'd be without them. I couldn't live without horses. I believe I was put on this planet to love, care for, and understand horses. And I do.
So, I just competed in my first EVER horse show. It's amazing, and I have another coming up in July. Horse shows are just so wonderful... even if the food is crappy. The barn smells of saddle leather, cleaning supplies, and- of course- horses. I was roaming the aisles with my friend and my horse trainer's daughter, Emma, and it's just amazing. We competed at the fair grounds in you-know-which county... no fair but still. It was neat.
So it was my turn in the ring. One of the stable hands dusted off my boot and said "Good luck, miss." He is really nice. I ride into the room, and I'm shaking. I can feel it. I warm up the horse I ride- Poison. I know I've mentioned him before. We walk and trot around the ring, hen the announcer calls out "Trot, please. Trot your horses." There are clucks (they sound like kisses... so why name them clucks???) and taps from the whip for the lazier horses all simultaneously. The horses burst into action, picking up a high-stepping, beautiful trot. I pick up the wrong lead, but change it almost immediatley ("Rise and fall with the leg on the wall!" is how horse people remember the correct lead).
"Walk, please. Walk your horses." The announcer calls. The horses slow to a chorus of "Whoa boy/girl"'s and we're all relaxing. It's only been about a minute and a half, but I'm already more tired than I ever was in my half-hour lessons at my barn. "Reverse, please. Reverse your horses." comes over the loudspeaker. We turn towards the wall and circle back the way we came. "Trot your horses, please, trot your horses." Some obnoxious kid in the crowd yells "WHAT IF THEY DONT WANNA?!" well not shouts, just says loudly right as I ride past... oh my luck. I tap Poison with the whip, gently, to remind him the yes, I'm still there. "Walk, please." theres a pause. "Walk into your positions, please." That means we walk into th middle of the ring- yes, still on the horses, i phrased that funky- and stand still while we wait for the judges scores.
A minute or so passed, and Poison stood like an angel for me, while Emma told me he was all over the place with her when she was standing there. Poison and I share a special bond... We always know what the other wants, it seems. Poison wanted to be able to stretch his neck, I thought, so I gave him a little more rein length, and he calmed right down and stood like a king, sneakily stretching his neck.
The announcer came onto the loudspeaker once again. "In first place is number 69, mck-" the rest was cut off by everyones screaming. Toni- my horseback instructor- Ran out to me. "You won!" She cried enthusiactly. "Congradulations!"
We did a victory lap- trotting around the ring, getting my pic taken, yeah- and it was time to get off. Toni wrapped me up in a hug and said "Congratulations! I can't belive you won!" in her slightly southern accent.
"I can't belive it either!" I cried. And I still don't.

Thats all for now but I'll post more ASAP... maybe sooner maybe later. You'll never know. >=)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hi everyone! It's Thursday! things going on today:

1. I made the gift for Cailey ((my secret Santa buddy- except its not secret xD))
2. I have a horseback class
3. my dad is dragging me out to go shopping ((help!))
4. I'm posting here! obviously!

well, I'm really excited for my horseback class, because I really miss the horsie I ride- Poison. I've mentioned him before, I belive. I'm going to give him a carrot. He is really funny when he eats carrots and peppermints out of my hand. he will grab it, then his ips will flop around on my hand, seeing if there's any more! it's really funny.

see you later!


Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I'm so sorry I hven't been posting! I've been so busy... well, sorta busy. I kinda just forget things easily...

but anyways, here is a list of 10 things going on in my life right here right now... well, not in the litteral sense.

1. I convinced my mom to set up a savings acount to save up money for a horse ((YAY!))
2. I froze my butt off- at least 5 times!
3. I made my Christmas list, which consists mostly of books and money to save up for a horse and a cool marble run I saw in a magazine.
4. I played with a girl in my neighborhood named Jackie. She leaves comments- alot. xD
5. I have a new website to referr you to- but please do not join if you are ver 15. link:
6. I'm writing a book, called The Haunted House, which is my longest story ever, 'wheighing' in at 22 pages, and it's not even half way done yet! I hope to get it published.
7. We got a wii!
8. We are offically obsessed with the christmas shows on channel 5. or is it 7?
9. I decided to try and get contacts

and that is 10 things going n in my life!